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Science Wednesdays

The Science Wednesdays program has been on a break during the pandemic. Please watch for announcements of an online series.

Science Wednesdays is a weekly science-technology-math group for children ages 6 and over. We meet each Wednesday (except holiday weeks) at 4pm in the conference room at 964 Parker St. at the Mildred Hailey (Bromley Heath) Apartments, near Jackson Square on the MBTA orange line. We typically meet outdoors during the summer.

Meetings include an after-school snack and opening discussion about a science topic, followed by time for hands-on activities. Discussions and activities are sometimes inspired by current events and science news such as a Nobel-prize award, a solar eclipse, a local environmental issue; other times inspired by participant interests and interesting science kits and materials: electronics, chemistry kits and physics experiments with light, sound and motion for example.

Email Jennifer Leonard at for more information.

Project Descriptions

We post project descriptions, photos and videos on the Contextual Learning Portal at

Some of our projects:

What is a Robot


Lemon Battery Power

Photo - Lemons and Orange in Circuit

Kitchen Chemistry

Test tubes

Pi Day - Calculating the Area of a Circle

Tiles in a circle

Wind and Weather

Snapinos - Base of Anenometer

Random Poetry Generator

Working on the Arduino sketch

Atoms, Water and Magnetism


Rope Baskets

Rope Basket Spiral

Sewing Circuits

Participants use fabric, metal conductive thread, LEDs and batteries to create a wearable circuit. This is a fun after-school program activity that reinforces participant understanding of how to build a simple circuit.

Physics of Music & Sound

Xylophone from copper pipe


Simple sundial

Science Wednesdays Flyer