Foundation Skills

Foundation Skills are common to all jobs and should be viewed as the foundation upon which specific workplace and career skills are added. At the beginning of the work experience, the participant and employer should review and discuss the following Foundation Skills that will set the basic expectations for the work experience.

Work Ethic and Professionalism
Skill Performance Expectations
Attendance and Punctuality Showing up in timely manner prepared for work
Providing sufficient notice if unable to report for work
Workplace Appearance Dressing appropriately for position and duties
Practicing personal hygiene appropriate for position and duties
Accepting Direction and Constructive Criticism Accepting direction and feedback with positive attitude through appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills
Displaying willingness to work in a cooperative manner
Motivation and Taking Initiative Participating fully in task or project from initiation to completion
Initiating interaction with supervisor for next task or project upon successful completion of previous one
Understanding Workplace Culture,Policy and Safety Demonstrating understanding of workplace culture and policy Respecting confidentiality and exhibiting understanding of workplace ethics
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Skill Performance Expectations
Speaking Speaking clearly
Using language appropriate to the environment, both in person and on phone
Listening Listening attentively
Making and maintaining eye contact appropriate to the workplace culture
Confirming understanding
Interacting with Co-Workers Relating positively with co-workers
Working productively with individuals and in teams
Respecting racial and cultural diversity
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